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Issue 34

Intimacy is what distinguishes those who are dear to us from those who are simply near. The latest issue of Kinfolk explores the balance between our contradictory cravings for both secure and stable relationships and the freedom to follow our hearts, our sexual desires, and our need to be whole without the help of another.

Webster wears a jacket and trousers by Hermès. Abdou wears a jacket and trousers by Celine.

Things Fall Apart

Love’s a well-learned pas de deux. Even if the feelings fade, the steps still feel familiar.


Ilya & Resha

Love, trust and erotic leatherwear: Stevie Mackenzie-Smith meets the married couple behind Fleet Ilya.


At Work With: Ormaie

Can you bottle a family memory, and would anybody else want to smell it if you could? Annick Weber meets the mother-and-son duo intent on finding out.

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