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Issue 28

The summer issue of Kinfolk untangles the theme of hair. Beyond a narrative of love and loss, we examine the ways in which hair has come to hold deep and powerful meanings in daily life as a site of self-expression and a repository of cultural identity.

Gurratan Singh (left) recently told Canadian newspaper The Star that he is considering following his brother Jagmeet (right) into politics.

The New Democrats

In Canada, brothers Jagmeet and Gurratan Singh are redressing the stereotype of “image-conscious” politicians.

KINFOLK_D2_1 003

La Dolce Vita

Warm skin, gelato and the rustle of cypress leaves: Postcards from an Italian summer.

Photograph by Victor Skrebneski/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


Supreme: A short history of Diana Ross’ hair.

Veronika wears a dress by Lemaire.

Great Lengths

With hair, as with life, it only takes a slight twist to breathe intrigue into the otherwise ordinary.

Home on Altamount Road

Case Design

In Mumbai, a team of international architects have found a way of alchemizing the city’s chaotic spirit into crisp designs.



Inspired by the painter Pierre Soulages, an exploration of the impossible luminosity of layered black textures.


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